Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.13.0

  • New, CRUD RESTful API and custom API

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.5

  • Fix, #928 Copy role modal not showing

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.4

  • Fix, #911 fabmanager missing session rollback() when user add fails
  • Fix, #910 Next page on OAuth

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.3

  • Fix, #762 Instantiate AdminActions only after DOM finishes loading
  • New, #883 Changed templates so that is possible to use Jinja2 StrictUndefined
  • Fix, #891 Missing import reduce python3 compatibility
  • Fix, #862 fabmanager appbuilder parameter is now working

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.2

  • Fix, #832 don’t install examples as a package with flask-appbuilder
  • Fix, #760 Select all checkbox, in related view, selects checkboxes from all related views
  • New, #833 LDAPS TLS config options
  • New, #829 Aditional filtering in LDAP search

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.1

  • New, #826 Greek support i18n
  • New, #813 Dependencies unpinned
  • Fix, #828 list and form widget rendering html InLine, regression from #797

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.12.0

  • Fix, #797 Remove safe filter from template
  • New, #911 BREAKING CHANGES, bumped Flask-Login dependency to >=0.3,<0.5

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.11.1

  • Fix, Unlock flask required version, new 0.12.4. does not cause issues anymore

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.11.0

  • New, #615 Azure AD as Oauth provider
  • New, #678 fabmanager create-user command
  • Fix, #628 Remove double-instantiation of declarative base, problem with flask-migrate
  • New, #735 Added french translations
  • Fix, minor typo EMail to Email

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.10.0

  • Fix, #712 improvement on parsing timezone dates
  • Fix, #701 permission deletion
  • Fix, #700 Non unique associations on security models
  • New, #694 Accept SQLAlchemy custom types defined by TypeDecorator
  • New, #686 Removed support for python 2.6

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.6

  • Fix, #663 Allow remote user to be auto registered.
  • New, #639 Composite key support for SQLAlchemy.
  • New, #661 Add feature to allow form to be processed prior to populating model.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.5

  • New, #655 add feature to allow form prefill.
  • New, #631 add sqlalchemy support for binary types.
  • New, #626 support for traditional Chinese.
  • New, #626 possible to disable update permissions on startup.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.4

  • New, #596 font-awesome from 4.3 to 4.7.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.3

  • Fix, #544 for possible sql injection on order by clauses.
  • Fix, #550 check whether session_form_edit_pk still exist in db, on CompactCRUDMixin.
  • Fix, #553 for AttributeError when edit_columns on a view in related_views does not include relationship.
  • New, #562 Bump flask-babel version to 0.11.1, and pin.
  • Fix, #444 Create LDAP user firstname/lastname may return as bytes instead of str.
  • Fix, Fix divergence on versions between setup and requirements, pinned versions.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.2

  • New, #528 support for enum type (SQLA only).
  • Fix, Possible sql injection vulnerability.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.1

  • Fix, #489 python3 compatibility fix for unicode api_read.
  • Fix, #491 [api/update] only update keys specified in POST data.
  • Fix, #492 [cosmetics] making row button (show/edit/delete) not primary.
  • Fix, #493 [cosmetic] left-align the text in dropdowns.
  • New, #508 Updated bootswatch to version 3.3.7 five new themes included.
  • New, #512 Docs now use readthedocs theme.
  • New, #503 FileUploadField: process_on_store() and process_on_delete().
  • Fix, #511 Added new parameter to fabmanager babel-extract to include aditional keywords, defaults to lazy_gettext, gettext, _, __
  • New, #483 new parameter for LDAP username formatting AUTH_LDAP_USERNAME_FORMAT.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.9.0

  • Fix, Decorator oauth_user_info_getter was not according the docs, parameter bug.
  • Fix, #474 Missing menu deviders
  • Fix, #472 Prevent masquerade attacks through oauth providers.
  • New, Optional TLS for LDAP Authentication.
  • Fix, Factory setup was failing when babel get locale was being called.
  • New, Bootstrap updated to version 3.3.7.
  • New, flask-sqlalchemy updated to version 2.1.
  • New, #453 Added support for users to login with their username or email address.
  • Fix, #467 two instances of urls being generated wrongly when running under a prefix.
  • Fix, redirect to actual index view rather than ‘/’ on logout for DBAuthView.
  • Fix, form actions not working under a prefix for CompactCRUDMixin.
  • Fix, #457 Don’t overwrite csrf_token on form fill.
  • Fix, #453 [rest api] improve error messages, and return item object upon create/update.
  • New, flask-babel update.
  • Fix, #409 Google Oauth login and self registration.
  • New, #402 column_formatters to ModelView.
  • New, #374 default autosizing to app image (if any).
  • New, #393 More sensible default page size.
  • Fix, #397 security: don’t crash on oauth errors.
  • Fix, #395 flask_wtf.Form has been renamed to FlaskForm.
  • Fix, #354 Improved spanish translation.
  • Fix, #352 some i18n related bugs.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.8.1

  • Fix, #341 for supporting multiple select2 fields.
  • Fix, #340 Better chinese translations.
  • New, #338 Support of Mongoengine Document inheritance.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.8.0

  • New, Support for python 3.5, now uses flask-babel instead of flask-babelpkg.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.7.1

  • Fix, REST API endpoints for fetching related data columns crashed.
  • Fix, #332 Realign deprecated references to flask.ext.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.7.0

  • New, REST API endpoints for fetching related data columns.
  • New, REST endpoint for fetching data with simple output (select2 to consume).
  • New, AJAX select fields.
  • New, AJAX select fields that can be setup to be related, when the user chooses on master, the slave show only related data.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.6.3

  • Fix, Filters were broken on 1.6.2, impact on searches and Unique validators.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.6.2

  • New, Support for Japanese. Thanks to @giyokun.
  • Fix, #312 Solves String encoding causing column labels to be prefixed with ‘b’ in Python 3x.
  • Fix, #322 Solves Error on Inline cookie cached, when a record is deleted and it’s pk is on the edit cookie.
  • Fix, Bug with numeric filters, converting to correct python type.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.6.1

  • New, Allowing apps to alter title using a jinja block #284
  • Fix, Prevented user’s password being written to debug.
  • New, Added login failed message to log.
  • Fix, Fixes #273 by not registering a view that will not exist for LDAP
  • New, added missing filters for date types for generic models.
  • New, #316, Adding FilterInFunction to models.sqla.filters.
  • New, AUTH_LDAP_APPEND_DOMAIN to always append a certain domain on LDAP user’s login.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.6.0

  • Fix, GenericInterface.get(pk) bug created on 1.5.0 correction, missing optional extra base_filter parameter
  • New, Simple addon system. Possible modular instalation of views, models and functionality.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.5.0

  • New, #261, possible for the user to edit their first name and last name.
  • Fix, #251, record url from some user can be accessed by any user, show, edit and delete are now constrained by base_filter.
  • Fix, #265, Fixed double word in views.rst
  • Fix, #247, bug when ordering view columns where None values are in.
  • Fix, pinned flask-sqlalchemy to version 2.0.
  • New, type checks disables on AuditMixin, it allows the use of this mixin when extending the User model.
  • New, possible to filter fields using dot notation, automatic joins of other models.
  • Fix, actions on user profile to resetmypasswordview made generic, the view can be safely override.
  • Fix, actions on user profile to resetpasswordview made generic, the view can be safely override.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.7

  • New, #228 new property, search_form_query_rel_fields to filter combo lists on search related fields.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.6

  • Fix, #223 Proxy support.
  • Fix, #219 Making the inline crud stateless, CompatCRUDMixin.
  • Fix, #216 English issues found during translation.
  • New, config key, FILE_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS, issue #221.
  • New, #217, Polish translations.
  • Fix, flask-login version pin on 0.2.11.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.5

  • Fix, #211, UTF-8 encoding for the json label strings. REST API bug.
  • Fix, #209, Several improvements to queries on MongoDB.
  • Fix, #206, registration form fields aren’t being validated.
  • Fix, #205, self.registeruser_model rather than RegisterUser.
  • Fix, #195, Silent failure of validators_columns on CompactCRUDMixin.
  • Fix, #197, ‘Mixed Content’ message when behind an https reverse proxy
  • Fix, Bug fixed for problem with columns that drilldown
  • New, Support for Numeric SQLAlchemy type.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.4

  • Fix, #188 but fix created a display bug on empty queries with related views.
  • Fix, #186 LDAP configuration - Invalid DN syntax on OpenLDAP. Introduced AUTH_LDAP_BIND_USER and AUTH_LDAP_BIND_PASSWORD
  • New, decorator for mapping custom Model property to real db property, supports sorting on custom properties. @renders.
  • New, various new filters for generic models. #193.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.3

  • Fix, #188 fix bug, actions return access denied on actions for lists.”

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.2

  • New, search_form_extra_fields property.
  • New, SimpleFormView and PublicFormView form_post can return a flask response.
  • New, ListLinkWidget, replaces the show buttom by a link on the first table col.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.1

  • New, ListWidget, ListItem, ListThumbnail, ListBlock templates inherite from base_list.html.
  • Fix, MultipleView javascript bug with 2 (or more?) charts #177.
  • New, baselib.html was replaced by navbar.html, navbar_menu.html, nabar_right.html.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.4.0

  • Fix, #168 fixed output when fabmanager is unable to import app.
  • Fix, Moved userXXXmodelview properties to BaseSecurityManager.
  • Fix, Copied XXX_model properties to BaseSecurityManager.
  • New, SimpleFormView and PublicFormView now subclass BaseFormView.
  • New, class method for BaseView’s get_default_url, returns the default_view url.
  • New, OAuth authentication method.
  • New, Search for role with a particular set of permissions on views or menus.
  • New, Possible to filter MongoEngine ObjectId’s.
  • Fix, MongoEngine (MongoDB) ObjectId’s not included in search forms.
  • Fix, Menu html and icons rework.
  • New, add_exclude_columns.
  • New, edit_exclude_columns.
  • New, show_exclude_columns.
  • New, exclude_columns on tests.
  • New, docs for exclude_columns.
  • New, remove id warning for MongoDB on filters.
  • Fix, missing translations.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.7

  • Fix, Changed length of username model field from 32 to 64 characters.
  • Fix, Changed LDAP Auth and registration logic.
  • Fix, Removed LDAP auth indirect bind.
  • Fix, Redirect update missing on chart views
  • Fix, Charts with unicode data.
  • New, add_user on data interfaces accepts new parameter for hashed_password.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.6

  • SimpleFormView.form_post can return null to redirect back or a Flask response (render or redirect).
  • Changed the way related views are initialized, no bind to the related_views property.
  • #144 New MultipleView for rendering multiple BaseViews on the same page.
  • Can now import all views from flask_appbuilder.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.5

  • Issue #115, Modal text is now html instead of text.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.4

  • Issue #119, confirm HTML is included at the begining of body see baselayout.html.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.3

  • BaseInterface.get_values changed to iterator (does not return list but list iterator).
  • REST CRUD API added.
  • Interface datamodels do not flash messages, they log messages on public property tuple ‘message’.
  • Issue #113, changed html5shiv and respond to import after bootstrap.
  • Issue #117, added FilterEqualFunction to MongoDB filters.
  • Issue #118, SQLAlchemy version 0.9.9 does not have as_declarative decorator, temp fix by fixing to 0.9.8.
  • New, json exposed method was removed from ModelView you must use API now.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.2

  • #90 Py3 compact fix for urllib and StringIO.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.1

  • Fix, Group by chart with multiple series not displaying data.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.3.0

  • New, block template head_js on init.html, affects all templates, better js override or add.
  • New, base_template parameter on AppBuilder to override the top template, better css and js inclusion.
  • Fix, fixed menu brand with image (APP_ICON), better display.
  • New, included boostrap-theme THEME.
  • Fix, internal API change, BaseIterface/SQLAInterface method get_model_relation new name: get_related_model.
  • New, internal QuerySelectField QuerySelectMultipleField based on BaseInterface.
  • New, edit_form_query_rel_fields, add_form_query_rel_fields changed, accepts dict instead of list (BREAKING CHANGE).
  • Fix, Filter rework datamodel is no longer optional for construct (BREAKING CHANGE).
  • Fix, Filter methods no longer require datamodel parameter (BREAKING CHANGE).
  • Fix, All SQLAlchemy Filter’s moved to flask_appbuilder.models.sqla.filters.
  • New, All Filters are accessible from datamodel class, ex: datamodel.FilterEqual
  • New, Charts will be database ordered (better performance), and can accept dotted cols on relations.
  • Fix, on menus with dividers if next item has no permission, divider was shown.
  • New, Bootstrap update to 3.3.1
  • New, Select2 update to 3.5.1
  • New, support for many to many relations on ModelView related_view.
  • New, AppBuilder.add_link supports endpoint names on href parameter, internally will try to use url_for(href).
  • Fix, Zero division catch on aggregate average function.
  • New, added form validators for field min and max length.
  • New, Image size can be configured per column, ImageColumn support size and thumbnail size parameters.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.2.1

  • Fix, New auth REMOTE_USER bug, always logged in Admin user, db query filter bug.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.2.0

  • Fix, BaseInterface new property for overriding filter converter class, better interface for new classes.
  • Fix, search_widget property changed from BaseCRUDView to BaseModelView.
  • Fix, Openid auth rework, no hacking done.
  • Fix, exclude possible order by for columns that are functions. #67
  • Fix, BaseFilter, FilterRelation, BaseFilterRelation changed module from flask.ext.appbuilder.models.base to flask.ext.appbuilder.models.filter. (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • Fix, sqla filters changed from flask.ext.appbuilder.filters to flask.ext.appbuilder.sql.filters. (BREAKING CHANGE)
  • New, AUTH_TYPE = 4 Web server auth via REMOTE_USER enviroment var.
  • Fix, #71 set_index_view removed, doc correction.
  • Fix, #72 improved german translations.
  • Fix, #69 added SQLAlchemy Sequence to pk’s to support ORACLE.
  • Fix, #69 improved chinese translations.
  • Fix, #66 improved spanish translations.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.1.3

  • Fix, User role column was not translated, since 1.1.2.
  • Fix, when only one language setup, menu dropdown was not correct.
  • Fix, theme default generates 404, issue #60.
  • Fix, use of reduce as builtin, python3 problem, issue #58.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.1.2

  • Fix, changing language was redirecting back.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.1.1

  • New, allows order on relationships by implicit declaration of col with dotted notation.
  • New, get_order_columns_list receives optional list_columns to narrow search and auto include dotted cols.
  • New, dotted columns are also automatically pretty labeled.
  • Fix, is<Type col> on SQLInterface handles exceptions for none existing cols.
  • Fix, back special URL included on a new View called UtilView, removes bug: when replacing IndexView the back crashes.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.1.0

  • Fix, changed WTForm validator Required to DataRequired.
  • Fix, changed WTForm TextField to StringField.
  • New, AUTH_USER_REGISTRATION for self user registration, on ldap it’s used automatic registration based on ldap attrs.
  • New, AUTH_USER_REGISTRATION for auth db will present registration form, send email with configurable html for activation.
  • New, AUTH_USER_REGISTRATION for auth oid will present registration form, send email with configurable html for activation.
  • New, Added property to AppBuilder that returns the frameworks version.
  • New, User extension mixin (Beta).
  • New, allows dotted attributes on list_columns, to fetch values from related models.
  • New, AuthOIDView with oid_ask_for and oid_ask_for_optional, for easy dev override of view.
  • New, Access Denied log a warning with info.
  • Fix, OpenID login improvement.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.0.1

  • Fix, field icon for date and datetime that selects calendar, changes mouse cursor to hand.
  • New, render_field changed, could be a breaking feature, if you wrote your own forms. no more <td> on each field.
  • New, pull request #44, ldap bind options.
  • Fix, pull request #48, bug with back button url not working when using uwsgi under sub-domain.
  • New, AppBuilder accepts new parameter security_manager_class, useful to override any security view or auth method.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 1.0.0

  • New, dynamic package version from python file
  • New, extra_args property, for injecting extra arguments to templates.
  • Fix, Removed footer with link “Powered by F.A.B.”.
  • Fix, Added translation for “Access is denied”. ES,GE,RU,ZH
  • New, Yes and no questions with bootstrap modal.
  • Fix, Added multiple actions support on other list widgets.
  • Fix, missing translations for “User info” and “Audit info”.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.7

  • Fix, actions break on MasterDetail or related views.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.6

  • New, Support for multiple actions.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.5

  • Fix, Russian translations from pull request #39

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.4

  • Fix, merge problem. issue #38

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.3

  • Fix, inserted script in init.html moved to ab.js on static/js.
  • Fix, performance improvement on edit, only one form initialization.
  • New, New back mechanism, with 5 history records. issue #35.
  • New, json endpoint for model querys, with same parameters has list endpoint.
  • New, support for boolean columns search, filter with FilterEqual or FilterNotEqual.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.2

  • Fix, get order columns was including relations.
  • New, possibility to include primary key and foreign key on forms and views.
  • Fix, python 3 errors on GenericModels, metaclass compatibility.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.1

  • New, decorator @permission_name’ to override endpoint access permission name.
  • Fix, edit_form_query_rel_fields error only on 0.10.0, issue #30.
  • Fix, only add permissions to methods with @has_access decorator.
  • Fix, prevents duplicate permissions.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.10.0

  • New, template block on add.html template, add_form.
  • New, template block on edit.html template, edit_form.
  • New, template block on show.html template, show_form.
  • New, template block on show_cascade.html template, relative_views.
  • New, template block on edit_cascade.html template, relative_views.
  • New, API Change, DataModel is now BaseInterface and on flask.ext.appbuilder.models.base
  • New, API Change, SQLAModel is now SQLAInterface
  • New, API Change, SQLAInterface inherits from BaseInterface (not DataModel)
  • New, API Change, SQLAInterface is on flask.ext.appbuilder.models.sqla.interface
  • New, API Change, Filters for sqla are on flask.ext.appbuilder.models.sqla.filters
  • New, API Change, BaseFilter is on flask.ext.appbuilder.model.base
  • Fix, nullable Float and Integer bug issue #26
  • New, default model sqlalchemy support on forms (issue #26). static and callable value

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.9.3

  • Fix, DateTimeField Fix issue #22.
  • New, bootstrap updated to version 3.1.1.
  • New, fontawesome updated to version 4.1.0.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.9.2

  • Fix, label for ‘username’ was displaying ‘Failed Login Count’, Chart definition override.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.9.1

  • New, Support for application factory init_app (Flask ext approved guide line).
  • New, Flexible group by charts with multiple series and formatters, no need for ChartView or TimeChartView.
  • New, internal AppBuilder rebuild.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.9.0

  • New, class name change ‘BaseApp’ to ‘AppBuilder’, import like: from flask.ext.appbuilder import AppBuilder
  • New, can import expose decorator like: flask.ext.appbuilder import expose
  • New, Changed ‘Base’ declarative name to ‘Model’ no need to add BaseMixin.
  • New, No automatic dev’s model creation, must invoke appbuilder.create_db()
  • New, Change GeneralView to ModelView.
  • Fix, Multiple database support correction.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.5

  • New, security cleanup method, useful if you have changed a menu’s name or view class name.
  • Fix, internal security management optimization.
  • New, security management method security_cleanup, will remove unused permissions, views and menus.
  • Fix, removed automatic migration from version 0.3.
  • New, adding views has classes without configuring the views db.session, session will
    be the same has the security tables.
  • Fix, Security menu with wrong label and view association on ‘Permission Views/Menu’.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.4

  • Fix, js for remembering latest accordion was working like toggle (bs bug?).

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.3

  • Portuguese Brazil translations

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.2

  • Fix, possible to register on the menu different links to the same view class.
  • Fix, init of baseapp missing init of baseviews list.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.1

  • New, Python 3 partial support (babel will not work, caused by the babel package itself).
  • Fix, Removed Flask-wtf requirement version limitation.
  • New, test suite with nose.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.8.0

  • New, Language, Simplified Chinese support.
  • New, Language, Russian support.
  • New, Language, German support.
  • Fix, various translations.
  • Fix,New support for virtual directory no need to install on root url, relative urls fixes.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.8

  • New, login form style.
  • Fix, Auto creation of user’s models from Base.
  • Fix, Removed double flash message on reset password form.
  • New, support for icons on menu categories.
  • New, remove “-” bettwen icons and menu labels.
  • New, added optional parameter “label” and “category_label” for menu items. better security and i18n.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.7

  • Fix, removed unnecessary log output.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.6

  • Fix, TimeChartView not ordering dates correctly.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.5

  • New, charts can be included has related views, can use it has tab, collapse and master-detail templates.
  • Fix, login ldap, double message login failed correction.
  • Fix, search responsive correction.
  • New, accordion related view will record last choice on cookie.
  • New, footer page, this can be overridden.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.4

  • New, internal change, list functional header on lib.
  • Fix, removed audit columns from user info view. Only shown on security admin.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.3

  • Fix, removed forced cast to int on json conversion for DirectChartView. Better support for float.
  • New, List for simple master detail, master works like a menu on the left side.
  • Fix, fixed buttons size for show, edit, delete on lists. Buttons will not adapt to vertical.
  • Fix, if no permissions for show, edit, delete, no empty cell is shown <th> or <td>.
  • New, internal change, crud buttons on lib.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.2

  • Fix, reported issue #15. Order by causes error on postgresql.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.1

  • New, DirectChart support for xcol type (Date or DateTime Model type).
  • Fix, base_order property for DirectChartView.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.7.0

  • New, ListBlock with pagination.
  • New, Menu separator raises exception if it does not have a correct category.
  • New, ShowBlockWidget different show detail presentation.
  • Fix, login failed was not displaying error message.
  • New, password is saved hashed on database.
  • New, better database exceptions on security module
  • New, User model columns: last_login, login_count, fail_login_count.
  • New, User model column AuditMixin columns (created_on, changed_on, created_by_fk, changed_by_fk).
  • New, AuditMixin allows null on FK columns.
  • Fix, Add user on non sqlite db, failed if no email provided. Unique db constraint.
  • Fix, form convert field exception handling (for method fields).
  • New, support for “one to one” relations and “one to many”, on forms, and filters (beta).
  • Fix, ChartView unicode correction.
  • New, DirectChartView to present database queries on numeric columns with multiple series.
  • Fix, Adds all missing permissions to the role admin. Allways
  • Fix, Removed from possible search.
  • New, unicode review for future python 3 support.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.14

  • Fix, url on time chart views to allow search on every group by column.
  • New, support for float database type.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.13

  • BaseChartView group_by_columns empty list validation.
  • Fix, url’s for charts were changed to allow search on every group by column.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.11, 0.6.12

  • New, get_file_orginal_name helper function to remove UUID from file name.
  • Fix, bug on related views was not adding new models. Impossible to insert on related views.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.10

  • Fix, Chart month bug, typo on code.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.9

  • Fix, template table display not showing top first line.
  • Fix, search widget permits dropdowns with overflow.
  • Fix, removed style tag on init.html.
  • New, ab.css for F.A.B custom styles.
  • New, search widget with dropdown list of column choices, instead of buttons.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.8

  • Fix, LDAP server key was hardcoded.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.7

  • New, LDAP Authentication type, tested on MS Active Directory.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.6

  • New, automatic support for required field validation on related dropdown lists.
  • Fix, does not allow empty passwords on user creation.
  • Fix, does not allow a user without a role assigned.
  • Fix, OpenID bug. Needs flask-openID > 1.2.0

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.5

  • Fix, allow to filter multiple related fields on forms. Support for Many to Many relations.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.4

  • Field widget removed from forms module to new fieldwidgets, this can be a breaking feature.
  • Form creation code reorg (more simple and readable).
  • New, form db login with icons.
  • New, No need to define menu url on chart views (when registering), will work like GeneralViews.
  • New, related form field filter configuration, add_form_query_rel_fields and edit_form_query_rel_fields.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.3

  • Fix, Add and edit form will not surpress fields if filters come from user search. will only surpress on related views behaviour.
  • New, added pagination to list thumbnails.
  • Fix, no need to have a to configure key for image upload and file upload.
  • New, new config key for resizing images, IMG_SIZE.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.6.2

  • New, compact view with add and edit on the same page has lists. Use of CompactCRUDMixin Mixin.
  • Break, GeneralView (BaseCRUDView) related_views attr, must be filled with classes intead of instances.
  • Fix, removed Flask-SQlAlchemy version constraint.
  • Fix, TimeChartView resolved error with null dates.
  • Fix, registering related_views with instances will raise proper error.
  • Fix, filter not supported with report a warning not an error.
  • Fix, ImageColumn and FileColumn was being included has a possible filter.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.7

  • New, package using python’s logging module for correct and flexible logging of info and errors.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.6

  • Fix, list_block, list_thumbnail, list_item, bug on set_link_filter.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.5

  • New, group by on time charts returns month name and year.
  • Fix, better redirect, example: after delete, previous search will be preserved.
  • New, widgets module reorg.
  • Fix, add and edit with filter was not remving filtered columns, with auto fill.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.4

  • Fix, missing import on baseviews, flask.request

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.3

  • Fix, security.manager api improvement.
  • New, property for default order list on GeneralView.
  • Fix, actions not permitted will not show on UI.
  • Fix, BaseView, BaseModelView, BaseCRUDView separation to module baseviews.
  • Fix, Flask-SQlAlchemy requirement version block removed.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.2

  • Fix, Auto remove of non existent permissions from database and remove permissions from roles.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.1

  • New, top menu support, no need to create category with submenus.
  • New, reverse flag for navbar on Menu property.
  • New, update bootwatch.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.5.0

  • fix, security userinfo without has_access decorator.
  • fix, encoding on search widget (List users breaks on portuguese).
  • New, safe back button.
  • fix, oid authentication failed.
  • New, Change flask-babel to flask-babelpkg to support independent extension translations.
  • fix, login forms with complete translations.
  • New, actions on records use @action decorator.
  • New, support for primary keys of any type.
  • New, Font-Awesome included

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.4.3

  • New, Search (filter) with boolean types.
  • New, Added search to users view.
  • New, page size selection.
  • New, filter Relation not equal to.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.4.1, 0.4.2

  • Removed constraint in flask-login requirement for versions lower than 0.2.8, can be used 0.2.7 or lower and 0.2.9 and higher.
  • fix, BaseCRUDView init properties correction.
  • fix, delete user generates general error key.
  • Changed default page_size to 10.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.4.0

  • fix, page was “remenbered” by class, returned empty lists on queries and inline lists.
  • New Filters class and BaseFilter with many subclasses. Restructing internals to enable feature.
  • New UI for search widget, dynamic filters showing the possibilities from filters. Starts with, greater then, etc…
  • New possible filters for dates, greater then, less, equal filters.
  • Restructuring of query function, simplified.
  • Internal class inherit change: BaseView, BaseModelView, BaseCRUDView, GeneralView.
  • Internal class inherit change: BaseView, BaseModelView, BaseChartView, (ChartView|TimeChartView).
  • Argument URL filter change “_flt_<index option filter>_<Col name>=<value>”
  • New, no need to define search_columns property, if not defined all columns can be added to search.
  • New, no need to define list_columns property, if not defined only the first orderable column will be displayed.
  • New, no need to define order_columns property, if not defined all ordered columns will be defined.
  • fix, class init properties correction
  • New property base_filters to always filter the view, accepts functions and values with current filters
  • Babel actualization for filters in spanish and portuguese

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.17

  • fix, Redirect to login when access denied was broken.

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.16

  • fix, Reset password form

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.15

  • Html non compliance corrections
  • Charts outside panel correction

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.12

  • New property add_form_extra_fields to inject extra fields on add form
  • New property edit_form_extra_fields to inject extra fields on edit form
  • Add and edit form order correction, order in add_columns, edit_columns or fieldsets
  • Correction of bootstrap inclusion

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.11

  • Bootstrap css and js included in the package
  • Jquery included in the package
  • Google charts jsapi included in the package
  • requirement and setup preventing install for flask-login 0.2.8 only 0.2.7 or earlier, bug on init.html

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.10

  • New config key APP_ICON to include an image to the navbar.
  • Removed “Home” on the menu
  • New Widget for displaying lists of items ListItem (Widget)
  • New widget for displaying lists on blocks thumbnails
  • Logout translation on portuguese and spanish

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.9

  • Chart views with equal presentation has list views.
  • Chart views with search possibility
  • BaseMixin with automatic table name like flask-sqlalchemy, no need to use db.Model.
  • Pre, Post methods to override, removes decorator classmethod

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.3.0

  • AUTH_ROLE_ADMIN, AUTH_ROLE_PUBLIC not required to be defined.
  • UPLOAD_FOLDER, IMG_UPLOAD_FOLDER, IMG_UPLOAD_URL not required to be defined.
  • AUTH_TYPE not required to be defined, will use default database auth
  • Internal security changed, new internal class SecurityManager
  • No need to use the base AppBuilder-Skeleton, removed direct import from app directory.
  • No need to use first run will create all tables and insert all necessary permissions.
  • Auto migration from version 0.2.X to 0.3.X, because of security table names change.
  • Babel translations for Spanish
  • No need to initialize LoginManager, OID.
  • No need to initialize Babel (Flask-Babel) (since 0.3.5).
  • General import corrections
  • Support for PostgreSQL

Improvements and Bug fixes on 0.2.0

  • Pagination on lists.
  • Inline (panels) will reload/return to the same panel (via cookie).
  • Templates with url_for.
  • BaseApp injects all necessary filter in jinja2, no need to import.
  • New Chart type, group by month and year.
  • No need to define route_base on View Classes, will assume class name in lower case.
  • No need to define labels for model’s columns, they will be prettified.
  • No need to define titles for list,add,edit and show views, they will be generated from the model’s name.
  • No need to define menu url when registering a BaseView will be infered from BaseView.defaultview.
  • OpenID pictures not showing.
  • Security reset password corrections.
  • Date null Widget correction.
  • list filter with text
  • Removed unnecessary keys from on skeleton and examples.
  • Simple group by correction, when query does not use joined models.
  • Authentication with OpenID does not need reset password option.